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African Tribal Design Bone Beads Assortment 100 Pieces


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These African Tribal Design Bone Beads vary from 3mm to 1.5 inches. This set is for 100 individual beads. With each set of these beautiful bone beads you receive one hundred beads. Each set is entirely different and comes with a varied assortment of handcrafted beads. These beads come in an array of shapes including cylinder, tube, round, wheel, square, and rectangular shapes. Each assortment is different and although there is a great array of beads in each collection- not all shapes will be present in every set.

  • 100 beads per pack
  • These beads are very high quality and are great for an array of crafts including jewelry, home décor, dream catchers and other Native American crafts, children’s crafts, keychains, fashion accessories, wind chimes, and much more.
  • The beautiful colors found in these beads mimic natural colors found in most African tribal beaded jewelry. They vary in shades of brown, black, and white (off white). Some beads are one colored while others are accented with hand-drawn designs.
  • These bone beads are made to last. They are very durable, do not crack easily, and have a smooth finish.
  • Because these beads are made from real bone they are a great environmentally friendly crafting material. They are 100% biodegradable and are derived from a sustainable renewable resource.


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