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Everything You Need to Create Wax Seal Stamps

Are you looking for supplies and ideas to create your own wax seal stamps? You can use these to create wedding invitations, birthday cards or that special letter you’ve been wanting to write.

These wax seal stamp supplies will cover all your creative needs. Take a look at our selection:

  • $6.49

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    Totemic sealing wax sticks with wicks. Use them to decorate envelopes, parcels, invitations, etc. Suitable for weddings, parties, letter-sealing, bottle-sealing, signatures and much more. A perfect way to personalize handmade cards and letters.

    • Traditional Style Sealing Wax with wick.
    • Dimensions: 9 cmx1.2 cmx1 cms.
    • Ideal for decorating envelopes, parcels, invitations, postcards, greeting cards, etc.
    • Package includes x 5 Sealing Waxes.
  • $9.39

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    Traditional wax seal stamp with a cute little bee design, this wax seal will add a lovely addition to your invitations. It is a great idea to wow your recipient. Unlike other cheaply made products, our wax seal stamps are all made of high quality brass head with sturdy rosewood handle. It creates intricate details and leaves a clean beautiful imprint. Perfect for wedding, baby shower, birthday party or any events. Ideal for decorating envelopes, invitations, postcards, wine packages, gift sealings, etc.

    • Package Includes 1 x Wax Seal Stamp, 1″ round delicately engraved die with 3″ removable rosewood handle.
    • Wax sticks are NOT included.
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
    • Trademark filed in U.S.A. – In business since 2011.
  • $6.99

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    These wax beads come in vibrant colors like Metallic Antique Gold. Add a special touch to your invitations! The sealing wax beads measure about 2/5 inch (10mm) in diameter, which helps in melting them faster. To avoid the metal part got too hot and stuck to the wax, you may put the stamp on an ice pack in between every 4-5 impressions.

    • Package includes a bottle of 180 pcs sealing wax beads, easily and efficiently use together with a melting spoon.
    • Number of seals per bottle may vary based on amount of sealing wax used per seal.
    • 100% Money-back guarantee.
  • $19.99 $12.99

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    Melt wax seal beads quickly and evenly to help you make perfect wax seals. Release your hands to fold wedding invitations, envelopes, retro letters, wine boxes or other gift boxes. Heat the sealing wax beads with melting furnace tool kit and fold your envelope or letter. Seal your envelope or letter with the melting wax. Use the stamp printing on it. Let the wax cool completely and remove the stamp. You have finished your envelope sealing! Triwol wax spoon stand is made of cast iron electroplating, higher strength, beautiful art deco. Wax melting spoon is made of brass and heat resistant pearwood handle, melt 3-5 sealing beads at a time.


    • Just heat the spoon to melt the leftover wax and simply wipe it off with paper or tissue.
    • Materials: iron and brass wood spoon.
    • Spoon volume and length: 2.8 ml & 4.5 inch.
    • Package includes: 1 x Wax seal warmer, 1 x Wax seal spoon and 2 x Tea candles.
  • $11.99

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    This seal wax set can be applied to wedding invitations, maps, retro letters, manuscripts, envelopes, parcels, cards, crafts, gifts, stationery and more. Personalize your handmade works with this 230 pieces octagon sealing wax beads that include a wax melting spoon and 2 candles for wax seal stamping. Note: The metal wax sealing spoon may turn black in the flame, you can wipe it with water or wash it clean.

    • Spoon Material: stainless steel. Volume: 2.5 ml.
    • Package includes: 230 x Octagon sealing wax sticks beads, 1 x Metal sealing wax spoon and 2 x Candles.
    • Wax beads color: All glossy and delicate octagon shaped beads.
  • $13.60

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    This kit is all you need to start using wax seals in your letters, envelopes, invitations and more. It can also be a perfect gift for friends or for yourself. Stamp your Christmas cards, romantic letters for Valentine’s Day and much more. This elegant seal adds a touch of value and permanence to letters, envelopes, certificates and documents, a bit old fashioned but so charming and old-world.

    • Antique Alphabet Initial Letter Design (choose a letter).
    • Golden “SAMYO” packaging design, make it like an old book.
    • Materials: wood, wax, metal.
    • Comes in a brown box with a golden “SAMYO” logo on it.
    • Includes 1 x Wax Stamp, 1 xWax Spoon, 2 x white Wax and 3 x Sealing Wax Sticks.
    • Dimensions: Appox 18.8 x 14 x 3.5cm.
  • $17.99

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    The MyLifeUNIT Wax Seal Stamp kit is ideal for wedding cards, holiday cards, party invitations, and gift seals. Inludes beautiful star shape beads with metallic luster color to make for an elegant, retro and delicate stamp. Put the wax in the spoon and heat it. Next, pour the melted wax where you want to seal. Impress the seal on the wax and wait until wax is dry. Last, pick up the stamp and you will see an elegant rose stamp on it!

    • The kit includes a bottle of wax, a metal spoon, a wooden handle seal and two white waxes.
    • A bottle of wax is about 120pcs wax beads.
    • No smoke when burning.
    • The pattern on the seal is rose-shaped.
    • The metal spoon is wear resistant and heat resistant